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  • Rendering 12,000 Image Albums at Imgur

    Posted on September 14th, 2015 | Tags: Optimizations, JavaScript, React, jQuery, Imgur

    Today marks a great day for wallpaper enthusiasts everywhere. Today's the day a newly designed Imgur launches, and with it comes some great performance improvements. My favorite is our new way to load giant albums without ridiculous lag. To put this new algorithm to the test I'm going to compare the perceived load speed of this 12,000 image album to what was previously on the site.


    • Utilized React.js more
    • Only render DOM elements that are in the viewport buffer zone
    • Saw FPS …

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  • Create Your Own jQuery Autocomplete Function

    Posted on January 19th, 2013 | Tags: jQuery

    It's always nice when text or code autocompletes for you. Why not give your users the same happiness on your site?

    I'm aware that there are several autocomplete libraries out there. I've personally used jQuery UI's autocomplete which is really nice and simple. However, I feel that creating an autocomplete widget is simple enough to prevent the need of including another large javascript library. The final compressed javascript for this project only adds 608 bytes and could likely be modified to be less. …

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