• Introduction To Unit Testing In Python & Ruby

    Posted on May 25th, 2013 | Tags: Python, Ruby

    One of the things I noticed that isn't really taught much is creating test suites for your programs. A lot of times you'll just have sample input and output to test your programs. This works great for one off applications but doesn't really carry over to on-going application development life cycle, especially when new developers are constantly being added to a project.

    You don't need any crazy library to do testing. In fact Python and Ruby come with their own testing libraries. I …

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  • Tools I Use on a Daily Basis

    Posted on May 18th, 2013 | Tags: Tools

    So you're probably wondering why do I care what tools some random person uses. However, if you're reading this blog you're most likely an entrepreneurial type person or a developer or both. Either way getting incite in to the tools that someone else uses can give you an idea of what spaces need innovation, what tools you should build for, or simply a new tool for you to use. I tried to keep the list small and relevant but in the end I …

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  • Fighting Comment Spam With Project Honey Pot

    Posted on May 11th, 2013 | Tags: Tools, Django, Python

    Early on when developing this blog my goal was to allow for a commenting system that didn't require login of my site or any other third party site to post. This has made me a huge target for spammers. In fact when my site first launched I didn't use recaptcha so I was getting thousands of comments per day and I didn't really have all that much content. However, a majority of these posts never saw the light of day thanks to Project …

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  • Achieving Your Goals

    Posted on May 4th, 2013 | Tags: Challenges

    Achieving your goals can be easy or hard. It's really all up to you. You can attack a long term goal using many short term goals or you can just pin up your goal on the wall and be a go getter. There's no right or wrong way to organizing your goals. What matters is that you're always working to achieve one of those goals.

    I think it's silly that we're always setting new goals on New Years Eve. Why should we limit …

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  • My New Development Environment

    Posted on April 27th, 2013 | Tags: Tools

    Recently my laptop hard drive became corrupted on the Windows partition and I was stuck using only my Ubuntu partition. Luckily it was partitioned so I was still able to use my computer with finals week coming up. Eventually though I was going to need to replace the hard drive as it was only a matter of time before the Ubuntu partition became unreadable as well.

    Luckily a friend of mine had an extra hard drive that I was able to drop in. …

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